Friday, January 13, 2017

Penguins on Parade by Pre-K

This is a fun winter themed lesson I completed with my Pre-K students - I found the inspiration at Deep Space Sparkle, and decided to simplify it a bit. Our ingredients for the penguin project included pieces of bleeding tissue paper, watercolor paper, construction paper and fun googly eyes.
Day One:
Students began the project by making the colorful background paper. We used the tissue paper technique to dye the paper. Each student received a piece of 9x12 watercolor paper and I set out trays of chopped up bleeding tissue paper (which we named "magic paper"). We talked about making the "magic papers" melt onto the watercolor paper by using brushes and plenty of water. If students didn't add enough water during class, I added some additional water so that all of the magic seeped onto the watercolor paper.

Day Two:
Before class, I pre-cut lots of penguin feet and triangle beaks. To begin, I demonstrated the drawing, cutting and gluing steps to build the penguin. Each student drew a large letter "U" on a piece of 6x9 black paper for the penguin's body. Then they drew a large letter "U" on a smaller piece of white paper for the penguin's belly. These pieces were cut out and glued on top of the colorful watercolor paper using Elmer's glue. The finishing touches were the pre-cut beaks, feet and of course, two googly eyes!

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