Friday, September 14, 2012

1st grade Warm & Cool Abstractions

Along with many others out there, I have found that starting the year off with a review of the lines and shapes of art is a good way to get things going. For this assignment, the kids had to listen to directions as I asked them to draw certain shapes/lines to their paper. At the end of class, they could add finishing touches of their choice and then they traced the composition with black sharpie.

On day two, students were introduced to the warm and cool families. After a short discussion, I showed the kids how to add white "ghost lines" using a white oil pastel. Then, I passed out thinned temperas in the cools and off they went to create the resist....

The final day was used to create the collage element on top of the paintings. I cut up lots of paper in the warm hues and placed them out for the students to use. Many enjoyed making "pop-ups" using the paper. I also took a moment to talk about and demonstrate how to cut spirals and once students got the hang of it (which is not such an easy task), there seemed to be spiral fever among many :)

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