Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Geometric Crystals by 5th grade

Time is moving like crazy lately and I have not done a good job of posting about all of the great art learning happening in my classroom! Please forgive me!! I've been buried in clay and printmaking! Those projects will be coming to my blog soon.....

These geometric crystal paintings were completed back in our first unit of art class. The focus for my students was all about making values - tints and shades to model forms. Once the crystals were complete, students cut and glued them onto a piece of 9x12 paper that had been "texturized" using crayons and rubbing plates. Some really great work!! My inspiration for this assignment came from the wonderful, Mrs. Knight at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists blog.

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  1. Fantastic - I really like the enlarged single stone - another option for next year :) two more days!


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