Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mr. Sketch Markers and keeping them organized....

I recently invested in a class pack of Mr. Sketch markers. I sure do love them and the kids do too. In the future, I will buy the unscented ones just because the kids are sooooooo super excited about smelling them during free time, that we get these unbridled surges of loud excitement - it's a bit like thunder in my room :)

I am a bit of an organizational nerd as well, so I thought up what I thought to be an easy method of coding to keep the sets intact. I picked different colors of Sharpies and used them to add a color code on the bottom of the markers. These colors correspond with a tag on the baskets that I made from a small piece of  masking tape. I have seen teachers use dot stickers before, but I thought I'd try this method out and see if the color lasts on the bottom so I could save a few bucks. So far, so good!
P.S. Have you ever tried printing with plastic bags before?? Super cool!! We are going to use our papers for backgrounds for our Greek column drawings!

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  1. Those are two things I have wanted to try but haven't - thanks for posting! :)


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